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Window Replacement

We carry all sizes and shapes in several different brands.

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A Frequently Asked Question


Q - We are looking into getting new replacement windows in our house. We’ve had several quotes, some on plain double paned windows, some with argon gas and others with krypton gas. Which is the best?

A – Ahhh – new windows. The Department of Energy says that new windows can lower your energy bill by up to 40%. That’s a pretty good incentive to replace the old, leaky ones. And now is as good of time to do it as any.

Both argon and krypton gas will improve the thermal performance of your windows. Argon is inexpensive, nontoxic, nonreactive, clear, and odorless. Krypton offers a better thermal performance but is more expensive to produce.

For once however, you are probably better off to go with the less expensive argon. Even though it is a little less efficient, it is just fine for this climate. Krypton tends to be a bit of an over-kill in our neck of the woods.

Enjoy your new windows. There are many different kinds to choose from, but you might like kind that tilts in so your hubby will be able to clean them easier.

Also make sure your quotes include the removal and disposal of your current windows.


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